Water Soluble CBD 10%

Water Soluble CBD 10%

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Our water soluble CBD powder is formulated using 99% pure GMP certified CBD isolate. Because of the purity of the source material, the finished powder contains no THC or other cannabinoids and no impurities. In contrast, products made with a broad spectrum oil are introducing multiple unknown variables including impurities and unidentified cannabinoids. Impurities may include leftover solvents, dilution agents, or plant compounds. Unidentified cannabinoids may include any of the more than 150 known cannabinoids. Testing labs routinely only test for the most commonly known cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG, while the minor cannabinoids remain unidentified but are present. There is little research on impurities or the minor untested cannabinoids and how they interact with the consumer. Our water soluble powder allows you to eliminate the variables and potential related liabilities associated with introducing unknown substance components.

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